Hi!  My name is Jingles!  I'm a Lab/Golden cross and I'm my Mom's 6th guide dog.  I was trained at The Seeing Eye in Morristown NJ.  I'm a very unique guide dog... in fact I'm one-of-a-kind!  I'm the only guide dog that has ever been trained that works in tandem with another Service Dog... my sis Maizie who is Mom's Diabetic Alert Dog!  I'm also kind of a celebrity, because I was voted American Humane Association Hero Guide Dog 2013!  Ba-roooooo!
Before I came to live with Mom I spent almost a year at The Seeing Eye learning to become a guide dog.  Besides being Hero Guide Dog 2013 and working as part of a tandem team, I also work on Mom's right instead of her left.  Most guide dogs are trained on the left, but Mom has a disability in her left hand and she doesn't have the strength to work a left-side dog.  So my trainers picked me to be her special right hand girl!! 

Before I went to school to become a guide  I lived with my puppy raiser family The Clarks who raised me to prepare me for my future work.  I lived with my first family for over a year from the time I was just a puppy.  I loved my family so much... there were five kids who all took care of me and loved me and played with me.  I miss my family, but they loved me enough to give me back to The Seeing Eye so that I could meet my new Mom! 
Now that I'm with Mom I have a bunch of brothers and sisters!  Most are Dachshunds, but I have a big brother named Nolte who used to be Mom's guide dog.  He's getting old, but he still likes to run and play with me in the yard until I tire him out.

I hope you  enjoy looking at the pictures on my page!  If you'd like to see my Hero Guide Dog 2013 tribute video CLICK HERE!
Me and Mom
Me, Mom and Maizie
Mom says I have beautiful eyes that see the world for her.  In this picture you can see Maizie in my eye, and Mom holding the camera!
This is my Aunt Courtney!  She lets me get up on her couch and snooze next to her.  I love her!
I love my Mom too!!
Here's Mom and Me with our trainer Rick and Miaize.  Rick trained Mom with her first guide dog Audrey in 1985, too!
Maizie and me in The Seeing Eye's van
My fuzzy wuzzy tail
Maizie and I are the Dynamic Duo of Service Dogdom!