Welcome to my page!  Mom says I'm extra special cuz I'm her Diabetic Alert Dog.  Since I was just a little puppy I've been making sure to let Mom know if her blood sugar goes too low or too high. I lick and lick her face and nip her chin and paw at her chest to make sure she listens to me.  Then she checks her blood sugar to see if it's high or low.  Because I'm a Service Dog I go everywhere Mom goes.  I wear a special vest that lets people know I'm a very special dog with an important job!
When I was born my tail was folded over and "deformed" so it had to be docked.  But dat's ok... Mom says my stubby tail makes me just that much more special!
I ran to greet Mommy one day and fell down some stairs and broke my shoulder.  I had to have pins put in there.  The vet said I'm very lucky it happened when I was a baby, cuz my bones healed so well.
When Mom's sugar is high I lay on her chest and press myself against her.  She knows that when I do this she needs to check her blood sugar and take extra insulin to bring her sugar back down.
When her sugar is too low I paw at Mom's chest and nip at her chin and nose.  I have to make sure she knows what I'm tellin' her ya know!  When I have my special vest on I am a "working girl" and have to be especially well behaved.  
This is my Aunt Neva... I lived with her from when I was born and she gave me to my Mom when I was six months old.
I loved my Mom at first sight!  Mom went all the way to Texas to get me from Aunt Neva.  and brought me home to New Yawk.
Maizie's Song
Here I am with my brothers and sisters!  I'm in front in the bed.