In Loving Memory
George P. Young
August 5, 1926 - January 16, 2007
How I miss you Dad... love you bunches!
Audrey Rose
September 19, 1983 - June 16, 1994
My beloved guide and compainon.  You opened doors for me that I never knew esxisted.  You'll always be my heart
Little Mary Wiggles!
May 22, 1987 - October 6, 1998.
My sweet little fox-red labradorable... how I miss you my sweet girl!  Best darn dog a gal could ever ask for!
Merlin - Mr. Personality by all who knew and loved him!
October 3, 1989 - November 20, 1998.
My second guide, and a sweet sensitive fella you were.
I love you bubba and miss you terribly.
Gwenyth, my "perfect" dog!
February 23, 1997 - August 13, 2003
Gwendy girl gave and gave and never looked back.  She was a gem, an angel in a dog suit.  Cruelly she was taken far too soon at the tender age of six years.  Life can be so unfair.  I miss you Gwendy girl.
Mary, Merlin & Audrey
September 25, 1974 - July 9 1989  
You were the first dog I ever called my own.  What a little terror you could be, chasing the kids and scaring the bajeebers out of them!  But you were a sweet soul, little one, and my closest companion for 15 long years.   You walked with me from childhood to adulthood.  I think of you often, my pup, and miss you.
Sweet little Sassafras Annie - Sassoe
July 9, 1989 - March 12, 2004
My very first Dachshund, you snagged my heart and I was never to be the same again.  You set me on the breed hook line and sinker.  You'll always be my first doxie love, Sassie frassie.
Lady Schatzie
July 29, 1987- January 31, 2001
Schatzie was my first rescue, coming to me when she was 8 yrs old.  Her first family, an elderly couple, passed away and had no one to take her.  So she joined my family and stole my heart.  Schatzie tought me that those who earn the love of an old dog are truly blessed.  I miss you Lady Schatzie.
Razzberry Pie-Boy
June 17, 2000 - July 29, 2008
My little Razzie and his "Razzitude" now reside in Heaven.  What a spirited spunky boy he was, always getting into trouble and sneaking treats... yet the sweetest cuddliest fella when he wanted to be snuggled.  I miss you sweet boy... love you forever and ever!
Gunther aka Gunnie Bunny
January 3, 2001 - January 20, 2010
Sweetpea Gunnie blessed my life and also touched the lives of many others.  He was a true survivor, overcoming many difficult health issues in his short life.  He had a personality that charmed everyone he met.  You couldn't spend time with Gunnie without falling in love with him... he could always bring a smile to anyone's face.  God bless you my little sweetpea... I miss you.
Benjamin Tyler - Bennie boy
January 23, 1995 - June  26, 2010
My beautiful boy has gone to Heaven.  Of all my beloved kids Bennie boy was closest to my heart.  Somehow I never thought the day would come I'd be without him, but these wonderful little creatures bless our lives for far too short a time.  Ben never seemed to grow old, always had that "puppy" face.  Out of his litter he was the only one to come wiggling & waddling over to me & the moment I picked him up he was mine.  I fell in love with his huge ears & those beautiful brown eyes.  He got along with everyone, furred or skinned, but he was always a Mama's boy.  He was happier just sitting on my lap being loved then any place else in the world.  My life will never be the same without you, Bennie boy.  I love you & miss you so..
Fawnie Marie
August 20, 1999- March 18, 2014
My beautiful spirited grand old lady Fawnie is now running with the rest of my angels across Heaven.  My girl was one of my special rescues, coming into my life when she was 6 years old.  She was obsessed with tennis balls and wow what a "ratter" she was!  There were never any squirrels allowed in the yard with Fawnie on patrol!  Fawnie wasn't a "foo foo" girl, she was a rough and tumble kind of gal... she was the boss of the Dachshunds!  She did love to cuddle though, and was another "under cover" girl, loved snuggling in warm under the blankets with all her brothers and sisters.  Fawnie survived two bouts with IVDD, undergoing surgery and bouncing back like a champ!  I will never forget my beautiful dapple sweetheart... I love and miss you, Fawnie Marie!